Project Execution and Management

Project management is not a task to be undertaken lightly. Having experience in this area in the West is certainly an asset but China can present the uninitiated with any number of headaches. Quite apart from the time needed to undertake a project there can be many problems that are unique to China.  For instance, the language barrier is a significant hurdle that needs to be overcome to complete even basic tasks. There can also be considerable and unfamiliar technical formalities, such as cumbersome legal bureaucracy.

To provide the solution to any problems you may be facing or think you may face we offer a comprehensive project management service, which can be tailored to your personal needs. Whether you only need a small research assignment carried out or need an entire registration process conducted we can carry out the work from beginning to end. You can then be safe in the knowledge that you have a leading consultancy firm providing you with reliable, comprehensive and professional project management.

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