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Chinesisch lernen und Praktikum in China

Xian - Introduction

The 3100 years old city Xi’an has once been the capital of ancient China. Nowadays Xi’an is the capital of the Shaanxi province. Although Xi’an is not the capital anymore, it is still one of the most important cities of China, when it comes to culture, religion and ancient history. Of course Xi'an is famous, because of the discovery of the Terracotta army, but it is too restricted to mention that only. Besides the Terracotta army Xi'an has so much more to offer and because of that Xi’an can be named in one breath with Athens, Cairo and Rome.

Traveling to Xian

Xi’an is also known as the “Gateway to the West” because of its location. Xi'an is located in the geographical center of China. Xi'an is not only known as the gateway to the west, but is also the main connection between east and west-China and the southwest and northwest of China. Therefore Xi'an is easy to travel to by many kinds of ways. Although there are 3 common ways to go to Xi'an: by plane, by bus or by train... Read more...

Accommodation in Xian

There are numerous hotels or hostels in Xi’an, in different price ranges. It is recommended to go at least to one, which is located inside the city walls. It is also recommended not to join any sightseeing tours, but first check the other possibilities, for example the ones your hostel or hotel arranges... Read more...

Sightseeing in Xian

• Banpo Village Museum • Pottery factory: Terracotta Warriors • Huaqing Hot Springs • Silk factory: Qin Jin Tang • Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang • The Museum of Terracotta Warriors, • Bell-Tower • Drum-Tower • Big Wild Goose Pagoda • City Wall • Forest of Stone Steles Museum • Shaanxi History Museum... Read more...

Shopping and Nightlife Xian

The center of Xi’an offers enough shops to buy the stuff you need. The impressing Kai Yuan Shopping Mall is one of the biggest of Xi’an... Xian offers loads of restaurants, bars and clubs: 1+1 Club, MGM Club, Pink, BonBon Club, BED Club, Babyface and Salsa Club. Also go to the park surrounding the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the evening, for a fountain show... Read more...

History of Xian (Chang'an)

Chang’an attracted people from all over the world. In its glory days the city had almost 2 million inhabitants, living on an area of almost 50 square km. By the Grand Canal, Chang’an was connected with the ports of the World... Read more...