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Chinesisch lernen und Praktikum in China

Expo 2010 in Shanghai

The World Exhibition 2010 will take place from 1st of Mai - 31th of October 2010 in Shanghai. The slogan of the Expo 2010 is "Better City, Better Life". 167 countries will participate in this even. Even though the world faces an economic crisis, no country canceled its participation.

Expo 2010 in Shanghai : Facts

Place: Shanghai

Duration: Mai, 1st 2010 – October 31th 2010

Slogan: „Better City, Better Life“

Number of Participating countries (according to the official website): 167 countries.

Number of International Organisations: 27

Expo 2010 in Shanghai

List of Participants: Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Until now 167 countries and 27 international organizations confirmed their participation at the World Exhibition 2010 in Shanghai. Even though the world faces an economic crisis, no county has canceled its participation yet. Read more...