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Chinese Culture

Chinese Culture

Understanding Chinese culture is more and more important, not only for tourists travelling to China but also for foreign companies doing business in China. This chapter introduces important elements of Chinese culture. History, Chinese characters, Chinese sayings, the Chinese zodiac and medicine.

Sports in China

Sports in china

Sports events in China - Current events, archives of the coverage of the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing, the women soccer world championship and of course the formula 1 in Shanghai Read more...

Chinese History - Overview

Short introduction to the chinese dynasties. The Xia dynasty has never been definitively proven historically, although excavations have revealed signs of a ruling dynasty dating back to the 21st century B.C. Read more...

Chinese Philosophy

Often we wonder seeing Chinese people. Their life style is completely different to what we are used to. However, if we want to travel the country or even want to live in a Chinese city we should try to understand and accept our hosts’ behaviour. Therefore it might help a lot to understand the Chinese Philosophy. Here you can read about Confucius, the Daoism, and the Legalism. Read more...

Chinese Zodiac

The twelve animals in the cycle derive from a legend about Buddha who invited all the animals to join him for New Year's Day. Only twelve animals went to see Buddha. As a reward he promised to name a year for each one in order of their arrival, these were the rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, cock, dog and boar. Read more...

Chinese Characters

Read everything about chinese characters and their development. How many chinese characters exist? How to use a Chinese dictionary? How to write Chinese characters on the computer . Chinese characters and their prevalence in Asia. Read more...

Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is a complex conglomeration of teachings, which took their beginnings in Far East ca. 10.000 years ago, and which since then continuously developed further. The essentials of Chinese medicine were laid down in writing for the first time around 2000 BC. Read more...

Dates in China

In these days there are numerous Western people coming to China, to either study at a Chinese university, work for a Western or Chinese company, do an internship or simply travel. It is usually only a matter of time until a Western man has a date with a Chinese woman and vice versa in China. Read more...

Experience China’s Tasty Food the Chinese Way

There are certain things you should get to know when going to China and one of them is Chinese food. In China’s capital Beijing there are many ways to satisfy ones craving for whatever kind of food. You can enjoy dishes from all over the world, no matter what you want, you can definitely find it in Beijing. Read more...

China’s Dates

China has an overwhelming variety of fruit and one of the Chinese most favourite ones are dates. According to Chinese nutrition fruit and basically almost every other nutriment have a certain function and influence on the human body’s health. Dates in China are usually classified as natural and healthy ‘green’ food. Read more...