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Chinesisch lernen und Praktikum in China

How to ... in China

Here you will find interviews with various Western people living in China. Read what their motivation was to go to China,  what they are doing in China and how they like it.

How to up an IT-company in China

Interview with Stefano Roncari from Italy, Managing Director of Eggsist Ltd., an It-Consulting, Web and mobile phone technology company in Beijing. During the interview with, Stefano tells us interesting stories and experiences he had while starting his company in Beijing and will give us some exciting insight of Chinese IT business and his new project Read more...

How to start a language school in China

How to start a language school in China

How to start a language school in China. An interview with Jeremie Rossignol, a French entrepreneur who started a business in Beijing two years ago. The Hutong School, a language school for foreign students, is now a successful, small-sized company. Read more...