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Chinesisch lernen und Praktikum in China

Painting on Plexiglas - Transparency

In our modern societies , transparent materials outshine opaque materials, bearers of traditions and sometimes obscurantism. Either vehicle of political liberty or inevitable means for a capitalism which must maintain trust, this change from the opaque to the transparent is one among the many that a China of the 21st century is experiencing – but probably the one which in the long term will produce the most forceful effects. Read more...

China's Pictures

China’s centuries old history has evolved many unique pictures which exude a particular harmony and beauty and give the observer the opportunity to feel himself drawn into the picure and forget all the worries and unneccessary cravings the materialistic world nowadays forces on one. The exceptional peacefulness of China’s pictures is induced by the artists choice of motif. Read more...

Chinese Film

Chinese films not only earn height success in China but all around the world. However, many good directors haven’t yet managed to get known abroad Asia. Here we present a row of films every China fan should have seen. Read more...