Selection Assistance

Joint ventures can be an attractive option for investors setting up business in China, with local businesses being privy to local insider knowledge and contacts that foreign companies simply cannot obtain. But for the unprepared and uninformed, the procedure can be fraught with risks. In the past it has been difficult to perform correct due diligence procedures on a prospective joint venture partner, leading to unacceptable risks for the foreign firm.

This is why we will ensure that you are found the correct partner for your joint venture, performing all the necessary checks to ensure that they are professional, honest and have a desire to get the most out of your business. Our considerable experience in China enables us to obtain the necessary information to analyse whether a joint venture provides an acceptable risk to your firm.

Another key consideration is employing the appropriate staff for your company. Labour costs in China are lower than in the West, this is indisputable. But simply setting up business in China purely on the basis of low wages can turn out to be a false economy. Far more important are the qualification and educational levels of the labour that you hire and what kind of work discipline they have been instilled with. Without a high quality labour force it will be difficult to produce, deliver and sell your products and services.

This is why we also provide human resource services for your firm to make sure that you will be equipped with the very best staff available. Whatever your employment needs, whether you require English speakers, experienced managers, or even just temporary workers, we can find the solution to your employment needs.

In addition to this we can provide consultancy services and practical assistance on the following issues:
•    Agents        
•    Importers                        
•    Exporters                            
•    Production sites, partners
•    Office site, all necessary equipments, apparatus, furniture etc.

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