Negotiation Assistance

Negotiations are time-consuming but necessary procedures. At face value they can appear straightforward but there are various nuances and pitfalls that can make the whole process time-consuming, frustrating and even fruitless for the insufficiently prepared. There needs to be a huge amount of work put into negotiation procedures with a potential partner to ensure that you get what you want. Agendas and contracts must be drafted and distributed in advance to all parties concerned. They must also be translated into Chinese to cut down on time wasted during the meeting by explaining everything in Chinese and English, which can double the time needed to reach a conclusion.

During the negotiations themselves, knowing when to say yes or no to the various clauses in the contract can be crucial to obtaining the best deal. If you do not how to conduct a negotiation procedure correctly or understand Chinese business culture then it is entirely possible that you could end up getting less out of the meeting than you wanted

With considerable experience in dealing with Chinese businessmen and arranging joint ventures or trade deals, we can guide you and your firm smoothly through the negotiation processes necessary to achieve success for your business. Our negotiation services include preparation for the meeting itself, including preparing an agenda, a list of objectives, a contract draft to be used as the foundation for discussion and all the necessary equipment to give an effective presentation.

In addition, all materials can be translated into Chinese to cut down on interpretation times and ensure your business looks professional. We can also offer support and advice during the meeting itself to ensure that it all runs smoothly and you get the result you want.

We offer assistance with negotiations in the following areas:

•    Provide advices to assist joint venture project negotiation        
•    Production                            
•    Agency/distributor agreement                        
•    Import and/or Export       

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