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Chinese Economy

Chinese economoy

In China the politics have undergone numerous economic changes and it wasn't until Deng Xiaoping's introduction of reform and opening-up policies, as well as the economic revival, that the western countries' hope for the democratization of China was awakened. 

During the last 30 years, China has developed from the workbench of the world to a strong high-technology country. Companies like baidu, Huwei, Air China are aiming to expand into western countries while China still attracts foreign investors. On Chinaorbit you will find information which will help you to understand this development, current political and economic trends.

politics in China

Chinese Politics

In China the politics have undergone numerous changes and it wasn't until Deng Xiaoping's introduction of reform and opening-up policies, as well as the economic revival, that the western countries' hope for the democratization of China was awakened. Read more...

Overview of the Chinese Economy

The growth of the Chinese economy in the past few decades since economic reform in 1979 has been one of the wonders of modern economic development. China has experienced unprecedented growth in the past thirty years with GDP rising on average by 9.5% per year over that period. Read more...

river environment

China’s Environmental Challenges and its Plan

China has exceeded many of their goals for their proposed 10th Five Year Plan 2001-2005. However they failed their environmental protection goal because of their uncontrollable economic growth. China’s consumption levels have been at a constant high and the government is quickly trying to solve these problems which will help reduce the environmental damage. Read more...

work and invest in china

How to ... in China

Here you will find interviews with various Western people living in China. Read what their motivation was to go to China, what they are doing in China and how they like it. Read more...

China and the Free Million Page Pixel

As China’s companies are always on the lookout for boosting their yearly turnover, the Chinese also got in on the new business of the various so-called free million page pixel websites. The Internet’s new marketing platform offers countries like China the possibility to not only promote the country and its numerous companies, but also move the culture and commerce across borders by using the free million page pixel's websites. Read more...

China Technology

The operation of technology such as the internet is often very different in China than in most Western countries. For example when constructing a Chinese website, a webmaster will inevitably encounter different problems, which are both of cultural as well as technical nature. For example, it can by no means be said that the Chinese taste concerning design or the overall form is the same as the Europeans or Americans taste. Read more...

Chinese companies

Chinese Companies

This section will provide all the latest news on the activities of the biggest Chinese companiesand offer advice on the best ways of contacting Chinese companies. Also, this is where you will find company profiles for some of China's largest and most well known companies. Such as China Mobile, The Bank of China and Air China. Read more...

Information about Chinese Law

Here you will find articles about Chinese law and regulations. We will provide articles on many topics: Bankruptcy, Bank & Finance, Property Law, Taxation, Internet, Arbitration, Registration of a Represantative Office, Joint Ventures... Read more...

The Danger of China's Trade Surplus

You've probably noticed that the Chinese economy is booming. More and more Western companies are outsourcing to China. There is a record amount of young people coming to China to learn the language, eager to do business in Asia. Read more...

China Industry Sectors

The aim of this section is to provide an overview of the key industry sectors in China. For example the China automotive industry and the China energy industry are booming. To sustain China’s economic growth a huge amount of energy needs to be available. China is the second largest consumer of energy behind the USA. The China automotive industry also needs to keep up with growing consumer demand under a booming economy. Read more...

Work in China

Work- related qualifications are the major issue in the inner-company selection process of employees chosen to work in China. Large Groups such as VW or Siemens, which have a long-year experience in China even send their employees for a short visit to China to allow them get a first impression of the country. As a consequence of that the future "Expat" will be prepared for his work in China in intensive lectures and seminars. Read more...