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Chinesisch lernen und Praktikum in China

Business Services

China Office Registration

Office Set Up for Branch or Representative

To those unaccustomed to Chinese law and bureaucracy, setting up any kind of venture is a complex process which can present you with one of your biggest hurdles in China. This is why we offer you our business advice and registration service. Our highly qualified staff are able to help you with all the procedures from start to finish, from defining the aim of your business to preparing and advising on all the necessary documentation. Read more...

China Office Set Up Complete Package

First impressions count for a lot. Your office is the face of your business and so the last thing you want when investing an unfamiliar country is to choose an unsuitable office. Deciding on the location or locations of your offices in China is fundamental to the success of the business, and there are numerous decisions to be taken into account before deciding upon where to set up. Read more...

Temporary Staff in China

Temporary Staff in China

All businesses suffer from unexpected absence of employees from time to time which can disrupt the flow of your business, force delays to crucial tasks, or even lead to cancellation of projects. It is imperative for the day to day running of your business and its long term success that any temporary absence is filled not just quickly but with staff that are trustworthy and reliable. Read more...