Accommodation in Xian

When you leave the railway-station you will immediately be recognized by (fake) Chinese guides, hostel-employees etc. who wants to make you the best offers. Just use your common sense and don’t just go with the first one, who will get to you. There are numerous hotels or hostels in Xi’an, in different price ranges. It is recommended to go at least to one, which is located inside the city walls. It is also recommended not to join any sightseeing tours from the guides at the railway-station, before
you checked the other possibilities, for example
the ones your hostel or hotel arranges.


During this weekend we stayed at the Bell-Tower Youth Hostel, located at the heart of the city, next to the Bell-Tower. The Bell-Tower is the middle, which all the main-roads are running to. The hostel was more than a pleasant stay and provided many services. The hostel offers 4 and 6 persons-room and dorm beds. For the 4 persons-room we paid 40 Yuan a night per person.

The hostel provides: Internet (8 Yuan an hour), hot showers, laundry service, restaurant (with European and Asian kitchen), movies, books and loads of activities. The first thing we did was signing in for a sightseeing tour for the next morning.

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