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Chinesisch lernen und Praktikum in China

Beijing Nightlife

Beijing boasts a vast array of fashionable nightspots to enjoy and it’s very common, especially for young people, to go out in the evenings. Beijing Nightlife consists of numerous bars, nightclubs, theatres, restaurants and cinemas. However, twenty years ago the word ‘nightlife’ wasn’t even used.

In recent years Beijing Nightlife has seen an escalation in themed pubs, trendy bars and clubs not only attracting the local foreign residents but many young Chinese. The admission fee is usually between fifty and eighty Yuan (approx $6.6 - $10.6) at the larger night clubs, admission is free to many of the smaller ones. Expect to pay between fifteen and twenty Yuan (approx $2 - $2.6) for a beer.

If nightclubs are not to your taste, then there are plenty of other fantastic restaurants and theatre shows to take in. Chinese opera and acrobat shows should not be excluded from a visit to China or Beijing nightlife.

Beijing - Houhai

There are lots of places to visit in Beijing, but the Houhai area is definitely one you shouldn’t miss. It is the newly developed old town of Beijing and named after the Houhai Lake which it encircles. Since the end of the 13th century the Houhai Lake together with the adjoining Xihai Lake and Qianhai Lake have been the central point for transportation along the canals across the country Read more...

Beijing - Sanlitun

The Sanlitun entertainment area used to only comprise a few small streets of bars. Now, it has developed into a large entertainment district incorporating approximately 60 clubs and bars and over 100 restaurants, a fundamental component of Beijing nightlife. Read more...

Beijing - Wudaokou

Wudaokou is a neighbourhood in the Haidan district in North West Beijing, approximately 10 km from the city centre between the fourth and fifth ring roads. The area is extremely popular with students, especially international which is reflected by the high number of bars and clubs. Read more...

Beijing - Opera

Beijing Opera (or Peking Opera) has existed over two hundred years and is often regarded as one of the highest expressions of Chinese culture. It is estimated that there are thousands of different types of Chinese Opera, the vast majority being local operas that dominate small regions within provinces. Read more...

Beijing - Acrobats

It is claimed that the history of acrobatics in China dates back to the Neolithic period over 5,000 years ago where the demonstration of self-defence skills manifest into a performance art. A Chinese acrobatic show is a must when in the city and an important part of Beijing nightlife. Read more...

Beijing - Stage Shows

In recent years there have been an increasing number of English language stage shows, a welcome addition to Beijing’s nightlife for many expats. Such as the Northern Broadside Theatre Company’s production of the ‘Tempest’, a touring theatre company from the UK and the popular local production ‘I Heart Beijing’. Read more...

Nanluguo Xiang

Nanluguo Xiang

Nanluguo Xiang, or more commonly referred to by westerners as ‘Backpacker Street’, is one of the lesser well known bar streets in Beijing. But nonetheless an important part of Beijing nightlife. Here you can find many relaxed bars to unwind in during the week, the street has a very chilled out atmosphere. Read more...