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Chinese Characters:

Population Figure:    

approx. 35,6 million


205, 000 square kilometer


Central China

Adjacent provinces: Ningxia, Gansu, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Henan, Shanxi

Capital City:

Xi´an (Xian)


An absolute highlight is the mausoleum of China´s first emperor and founder of the Qin –Dynasty Qin Shi Huangdi with its terracotta army . Worth seeing in Xi'an is Banpo, a village originating from the stone age and located near Xi'an. Also worth a visit: the town wall of Xi'an.

At the end of the famous long march, Mao Zedong set up the new communist base at Yan'an. In over 365 days, the communist forces of 90,000 covered 9650 km miles from Jiangxi to Yanan in Shaanxi. Yanan became the new stronghold of the communists for the civil war against Jiang Jieshi and the war against Japan

Huashan is one of the holy mountains of China.

General Information:

Most important towns: Xi'an, Yan'an, Xianyang

Population: Han-Chinese, the largest minority group are the Hui (Muslim)

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Shaanxi’s official website
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