Ghost Street

Feel the magic of the night, dive into a sea of red light, smell the miscellaneous fragrances of Chinese dishes and be embraced by life’s vibrant energy and you are sure to be in Beijing’s popular Ghost Street.

There are many places in Beijing where you can have a proper meal, but if you are looking for good food, a huge variety of Chinese restaurants, Beijing’s bustling atmosphere around you and a unique experience then you should definitely visit the Ghost Street. The street is located near Dongzhimen, covers a distance of 1,5 km and offers more than 100 restaurants.

Whereas most of Beijing’s restaurants are already closed after 11 p.m., the Ghost Street’s restaurants are usually open all day and all night long, inviting you to have a wonderful meal after having done an exhausting sight-seeing tour, indulged in one of Bejing’s relaxing Spas, worked long hours, visited the opera or done a late night shopping tour.

For the ones yearning for their favourite dish, then the Ghost Street is the perfect place as it presents a world of diverse dishes such as Sichuan, Canton, Shandong and ethnic minority dishes, as well as barbecue and the Ghost Street’s specialty, the hotpot.

Even though one can visit the Ghost Street at any time during the day, it is most enchanting in the evening as thousands of red lanterns are lit everywhere and envelop you with this mysterious ambiance which made the Chinese people regard the street as a Ghost Street in the first place.

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