Drum Tower

The Drum Tower was originally built in 1273 during China’s occupation by the Mongolians. Kublai Khan, the ruler of the Mongolian empire, had the Drum Tower built in the very center of his Mongolian capital Dadu and named it the Tower of Orderly Administration.

The Drum Tower was rebuilt at the same time as the emperor’s palace in 1420 by the then emperor Yongle of the Ming dynasty and moved eastwards of the original site. Even though it has been repeatedly destroyed and restored since then, it’s position has never been altered again.

The tower is located at the northern end of the central imperial axis of downtown Beijing. The solid, square foundation, which has three tunnels running through it and is surrounded by a massive wall, is supporting a multi-eaved wooden hall covered by a green glazed roof.

If you manage to walk up the steep steps up to this airy hall you will be rewarded with a gorgeous view over Beijing’s rooftops. In the old days the Drum Tower was responsible for keeping Bejing’s population informed about the hours of the day by following the tower’s water clocks and beating the drums.

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