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Chinesisch lernen und Praktikum in China

Beijing Shopping

Beijing shopping offers a wealth of shops and markets in a truly unique shopping experience. You can move from bustling clothes, silk, pearl and food markets to pristine air-conditioned shopping malls offering all the latest designer wear from Europe and North America as well as the latest Chinese and Asian brands. A Beijing shopping trip is not something to be missed when in the capital. Below you will find links to detailed pages describing all the best places in Beijing to shop.


Hong Qiao - Pearl Market Beijing

Hong Qiao - Pearl Market Beijing

Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market) is an essential part of any Beijing shopping trip. Here you can find five floors of bustling indoor market space packed with everything you ever wanted, and everything you didn’t know you did. Read more...

Xiu Shui (Silk Market)

The old outdoor Silk Market was demolished in 2005 and replaced by a modern indoor shopping Mecca. The market is filled with a wide range of products and knock-off merchandise. Any Beijing shopping trip should have the Silk Market on the itinerary. The market is open 8.30am until 9.00pm. Read more...

Wangfujing Shopping Area

Wangfujing Shopping Area is a prestigious partly pedestrianised shopping street popular with both tourists and locals. It is located It is located in the Dongcheng district of Beijing, east of the Forbidden City and is one of the capitals most famous shopping streets. The Street starts from Wangfujung Nankou where the Oriental Plaza and the Beijing Hotel are located on Chang’an Street and finishes at Sun Dong An Plaza by the Beijing Foreign Languages Bookstore. Read more...

Oriental Plaza

If haggling with street sellers or struggling through crowded markets is not for you, Beijing also has a world class shopping mall on offer. The recently completed Oriental Plaza in the Wang Fu Jing shopping district comprises 120,000 square metres of shopping space. The Malls of the Oriental Plaza have quickly become one of the most popular shopping destinations in Beijing for residents and tourists. Read more...