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•    Tianjin:

The city Tianjin lies in China’s Northeast on the river Haihe. To the west of Tianjin lies Beijing and the sea is not far away in the east. Because of its advantageous situation, the city is centerpoint of transport and logistics and has over 10 million inhabitants.  For quite a long time during the 19th Century Tianjin was a European Colony and therefore has some buildings that are architecturally very interesting. Such as gothic and medieval styles and some buildings that date back to Greek or French roots. The Tianjin Olympics Centre Stadium contains seats for up to 60,000 spectators and is only ca. 30 km away from Tianjin Binhai International Airport.

•    Hangzhou:

Hangzhou is the capital of the Coast province Zhejiang and lies ca.160 km away from Shanghai. The town is both the economical and cultural centre of the east coast as well as the main centre for electronics manufacturing. Due to its former importance as capital of China, it also has many historical landmarks to offer. The Hangzhou Dragon Stadium has approximately 53.000 seats including 850 VIP-seats and is only 5 km away from the city centre and half an hour from the airport.  

•    Chengdu:

Chengdu is the capital of the Sichuan province and has more than 100 million inhabitants and is therefore the largest populated province in China. Because it belongs to the biggest towns in West China, Chengdu is also called ‘town of superabundance’. There are a lot of tourist attractions in close proximity to Chengdu. One of them is the special Buddhist place Leshan, which has the world’s largest upright-standing Buddha figure. Chengdu is known for its exceptional culinary art. So for example, the restaurant chain ‘Chengdu xiao chi’ can be found in all of China’s largest cities. The meal from this province is called in Chinese ‘Chuan Cai’. Chengdu Stadium has about 40,000 seats and lies in the centre of the city and is ca. 15 km away from the international airport.

•    Shanghai:

The so-called ‘Paris of the East’ has much to offer – it is the largest and most progressive town in China and possesses in addition the greatest port in the country. The unique geographical situation on theYangtse (Changjiang) river has largely contributed to its rapid development during the last two decades. Shanghai is also China’s sports centre. NBA Star Yao Ming and China’s soccer-star Sun Wen both came from Shanghai. Apart from that, Shanghai offers very impressive sights. The Yuyuan Gardens are some of the most beautiful in the whole of Asia, the Nanjing Road is symbol for wealth and modern life, the  ‘Oriental Pearl Tower’ and the ‘Jinmao Tower’ are both two of the most famous buildings in whole Asia. Shanghai Hongkou Stadium offers 34,000 seats and is situated in Shanghai’s centre, 40 km away from Pudong International Airport.  

•    Wuhan:

The ‘town of the yellow crane’ is the capital of the Hubei province. Wuhan is the economic and logistics centre of Central China and lies at the intersection point of China’s largest river (Yangtse) and its largest tributary - Hanjiang. The city has managed to collect 120 million US Dollars for the construction of the Wuhan Sports Center Stadium. It has approximately  54.000 seats and is only 30 km away from Tianhe Airport.

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