Women's Soccer History

Women's soccer history

The Women’s World Cup will take place from 10th to 30th September. The last World Cup in 2003 took place in the USA. It was originally planned to take place in China, but was postponed to 4 years later due to the outbreak of the SARS-epidemic. As a result the USA had to suddenly and unexpectedly get the big sports event off the ground. They were somewhat prepared for this task as they had already organised the Women’s World Cup in 1999.

Until now, there have been only four Women’s World Cups. The first took place in China in 1991. After Sweden 1995 and both World Cups that took place in the USA, is it now again time for China to organise the event. Chinese historians argue that the world’s most loved sport was first played in China. According to researchers, it was first played in the second century AD during the West Han Dynasty in the Shandong province, and at that time was called ‘cuju’.

In the mid-18th Century the rules of the game were changed slightly by the English. Naturally, the English have another version of the sports history; they are sure to be the inventors of the most popular sport in the world. However, neither the English nor the Chinese can historically verify their version to 100 per cent. Therefore, for the time being everybody is free to believe their own story.

On the following pages, we have collected all the information that you should know about the International Federation of Association football (FIFA) Women’s World Cup 2007.

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