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The World Football Association FIFA is subdivided into six Continental-Confederations. Sixteen teams will take part at the Women’s World Cup. Fifteen countries have already fully qualified. The decision of which country will go on start for the OFC (Oceania Football Confederation) will be made in mid-April 2007. The teams that have qualified up to now are:

• PR China as host.

• Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and England will take part for the UEFA.
Twenty-five participating countries in total were divided in groups of five teams each. England has asserted itself against a.o. France and the Netherlands. Germany with eight victories in eight matches pushed Russia back to second place. Denmark won less comfortably against Finland and Spain. Sweden has left the Czech Republic and Iceland far behind, and Norway clearly outdistanced the teams from Ukraine and Italy to third place.

• The African Continent will be represented by Nigeria and Ghana. The teams of both countries asserted themselves in October and November 2006 against Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Algeria, Cameroon, Congo and Mali.  

• From South America the teams from Brazil and Argentina will take part. Argentina won against Brazil, the score 2-0, and thus obtained first place. Amongst others Paraguy and Uruguay had to admit defeat by both teams, which are also very successful in men’s football.

• The Asian football-Confederation sends Korea, Australia and Japan to take part at the Women’s World Cup 2007. The qualifying round took place on July 2006 in Australia. China won the final against Australia, but since China is the host qualified anyway, Australia got officially the first place and Korea the second with Japan coming third.

• Finally, for North America the teams from USA and Canada will compete at the World Cup. There were six teams in total that took part in the qualifying round at the end of 2006.

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