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Chinesisch lernen und Praktikum in China

Olympics 2008 - Competition Timetable

Olympics 2008 - Competition Timetable
Sport: Dates:
Opening Ceremony 8th
Closing Ceremony 24th
Athletics 15th-24th
Rowing 9th-17th
Badminton 9th-17th
Baseball 13th-23rd
Basketball 9th-24th
Boxing 9th-20th, 22nd-24th
Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater 18th-23rd
Canoe/Kayak - Slalom 11th-14th
Cycling - Track 15th-19th
Cycling - Road 9th-10th, 13th
Cycling - Mountain Bike 22nd-23rd
Cycling - BMX 20th-21st
Equestrian - Jumping 15th, 17th-19th, 21st-24th
Equestrian - Dressage 13th-16th, 19th-20th
Equestrian - Eventing 9th-12th
Fencing 9th-17th
Football 6th-7th, 9th-10th, 12th-13th, 15th-16th, 18th-19th, 21st-23rd
Artistic Gymnastics 9th-10th, 12th-15th, 17th, 20th
Gymnastics - Trampoline 16th, 18th-19th
Ryhthmic Gymnastics 21st-24th
Weightlifting 9th-13th, 15th-19th
Handball 9th-24rd
Hockey 10th-23rd
Judo 9th-15th
Wrestling - Greco-Roman 12-14th
Wresting - Freestyle 16th-17th, 19th-21st
Aquatics - Swimming 9th-17th, 20th-21st
Aquatics - Syn. Swimming 18th-20th, 22nd-23rd
Aquatics - Diving 10th-13th, 15th-23rd
Aquatics - Water-polo 10th-22nd, 24th
Modern Pentathlon 21st-22nd
Softball 12th-21st
Taekwondo 20th-23rd
Tennis 10th-17th
Table Tennis 13th-23rd
Shooting 9th-17th
Archery 9th-15th
Triathlon 18th-19th
Sailing 9th-24th
Volleyball 9th-24th
Beach Volleyball 9th-22nd

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